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I have been an artist / photographer for most of my life.

I have worked in most areas of photographic art including Fashion, Destination Wedding, Portrait and Architectural Photography. My passion stems from a genuine intrigue of people and their unique. This has given me the ability to capture truly unique moments of people's interaction with each other and their environment. This allows me to meet and share my experiences with many people from all walks of life.

I love the natural outdoors and while a studio environment is essential at times, I thrive on the challenge of being and creating amidst the elements. I love traveling to diverse and culturally rich places, and find that I am always wanting to learn about new people and places.

I have been living in South Florida and love it, I am also blessed to have, over the past few years, traveled and worked in England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Grand Cayman and USA. I look forward to sharing my talents and self with those clients that match.

My Fine Artwork is a reflection of the inner peace I live and seek. To find people who are drawn to my vision is like reconnecting with a lost friend. My growing number of collectors are like my extended family - thank you, life is good. I do what I love and love what I do, and sharing is what it's all about. Visit my shopping cart Fine Art Shopping

My Architectural interior promotional images stems from 4 generations of Engineers, Architecture was an option for me, but my love of Photography allows me to blend these two creative arenas.

The people I work with share their time and through our collaboration. I share a bit of myself and somehow the stars align and we make magic. A magic that is shared for generations and a magic that stimulates all.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you enjoy the journey through my galleries. I hope our paths will cross and I can share a bit of me with YOU!

crafted by photobiz